Provincial Library System Up and Running

Provincial Library System Up and Running

official press release from the Lakeland Library Region

Monday, May 1st, 2017

Provincial Library System Up and Running

Lakeland Library Region is pleased to announce that the online, province-wide catalogue system has been turned back on, and people from across the province once again have access to millions of materials, including books, movies, and more.

The provincial catalogue is a joint system managed by the province’s seven regions, two urban libraries, and the northern library system. It enables anyone from anywhere in the province to request items and have them delivered to their home library.

The ability to borrow items from across the province (sometimes referred to as the interagency holds system) had to be closed off as a result of funding cuts in the province’s 2017 budget. When funding was restored on April 24, libraries were once again able to support province-wide use of the system.

Library stakeholders across the province will be working in the months ahead to review the system and determine whether changes or improvements can be made.

“We are very grateful to have our funding restored and to be able to resume this service of inter-agency holds,” said Eleanor Crumblehulme, Director of Lakeland Library Region. “Providing improved access to library collections for people from all communities across the province has long been a goal of Saskatchewan libraries.”