Room Rental

The North Battleford Library Board is aware of the need for accommodation for meetings of groups and committees.  It feels that making available such accommodation to the public is an additional service which the library may render to the citizens of North Battleford.  The Lecture Theatre and Board Room are available chiefly to groups promoting cultural and educational activities.  Those which are library sponsored are given priority.  Service clubs, educational and other organizations may rent the facilities if the activity will not disturb the regular business of the library.

The library retains the right to cancel a reservation in order to use the room for library purposes; or if it appears that any meeting will be contrary to public library policy.  No group or organization will be permitted use of any room if it appears that the contemplated use would be a clear and present danger to the library, its occupants, or the community.

The Librarian, or designated representative, may waive any fees or regulations if in his/her judgment conditions warrant this action.  All such waivers must be reported at the next Library Board Meeting.


  • Rentals will be for 4-hour sessions.  Set up and clean-up must be within the rental session.
  • Meeting Room: $25.00 per session to a maximum of $50.00 per day.
  • Lecture Theatre:
    • $100.00 per session to a maximum of $200.00 per day.
    • When admission is charged, the rental rate will be $120.00 per session to a maximum of $240.00 per day.
    • Food and drink are never to be taken into the Lecture Theatre.

Meeting Room Application Form